Approval for exploration of new types of explosives substances

Conditions for performing activities for company or tradesman:

A company or traders can engage in exploring new types of explosives if they have approval for the production of explosives or if they are registered in the Register of scientific organizations and have following evidences:

– Act on registration of legal persons or craft in the court or trade register

– Information of the person in charge of the company for explosive substances,

– Information on persons who will handle the explosive substances in the manufacture

– General act and plan of action in case of accident

–  Proof that the objects are protected by physical and technical protection

–  Proof that they have a storage for explosive substances

–  Information and the types of explosives to be explore

– Technological study on the process of making

– Own quality control system



There is no application form for the request



70,00 HRK Approval for explore a new types of explosives substances


Authority and legal acts

Ministry of the Interior,

Address: street, postal number, city: Vukovarska 33, 10000 Zagreb



Explosive Substances Act (NN 178/04, 109/07, 67/08, 144/10)


Approval for conducting activities

The approval for explore a new types of explosive substances



Administrative dispute

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