Approval for Traffic explosives substances

Conditions for performing activities for company or tradesman:

– Act on registration of legal persons or craft in the court or trade register,

– Person in charge of the company or craft or organization must meet the following conditions:

  • at least 18 years of age,
  • has not been convicted and has proof that no criminal proceedings are being lead against it
  • has the health capacity for handling explosive substances,
  • Is qualified for handling explosive  substances or qualified for the conduction of mining preparations.
  • fluent in Croatian language and latin script.

– general act and plan of action in case of accident

– proof that the objects are protected by physical and technical protection

– proof that they have a storage for explosive substances



There is no application form for the request



1020,00 HRK for Approval for Traffic explosives substances

The account number of the recipient (the State budget): 10010051863000160


Model: HR64

Reference number: 5002-713-MB company or OIB


Authority and legal acts

Ministry of the Interior,

Address: street, postal number, city: Vukovarska 33, 10000 Zagreb


Explosive Substances Act (NN 178/04, 109/07, 67/08, 144/10)


Approval for conducting activities

The approval for traffic explosive substances



Administrative dispute

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