Establishment and operation of civil range

The conditions for carrying out activities

First registered company or a shop or conducted by the competent commercial court or trade register or the register of associations must have a right of ownership or right to use office space in which to perform the activities of civil shooting ranges, and office space must be arranged in accordance with the regulations on specific spatial and technical conditions and to protect against fire, theft and other accidents or abuse

Second person in charge of the company or craft or organization must meet the following conditions:

– Be a Croatian citizen with permanent residence in the Republic of Croatian or a foreign resident in the Republic of Croatia on the basis of a temporary or permanent residence

– At least 21 years of age (may exceptionally be 18 years if he qualified for the title of Master – shooters)

– Convictions and do not conduct the proceedings for certain criminal offenses and misdemeanors,

– Not the existence of other circumstances indicating that the guns could be misused

– Medical fitness to possess and carry weapons

– Proof that it has the technical knowledge and skills to use the weapons and knowledge of regulations pertaining to the possession and carrying of weapons


Required documents

There is no application form, but the party itself is compiled. With the application a copy of the court or crafts, or a decision on registration of the association in the register of associations


20 HRK stamp duties (filing fee) + 250 HRK slip or Internet banking

Account number for e-payment: HR1210010051863000160

Recipient: State Budget

IBAN: HR1210010051863000160

Model: HR65

Reference Number: 7005-477-OIB

The Authority and Regulations

Ministry of Interior (,

Ilica 335, 10000 Zagreb



1st Arms Act (“Official Gazette”, No. 63/07., 146/08. And 59/12.)


  1. Regulation on special conditions for the production and placement and circulation of arms and ammunition, weapons repair and conversion and management of civilian shooting (Official Gazette, No. 69/08., 88/09., 53/11., 70/11, and 81/11. – correction)


  1. Ordinance on the format of documents and forms and methods of keeping records of weapons and ammunition (“Official Gazette”, No. 33/08., 155/08. And 52/13.)


  1. Ordinance on medical examinations for determining medical fitness to possess and carry weapons (“Official Gazette”, No. 22/13).
  1. Regulations on the procedure for reporting the competent authority on changing the health status of gun owners (“Official Gazette”, No. 22/13).


Permission to perform activities

The certificate of approval for carrying out activities set up and run a civil shooting



Administrative dispute

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