Making seals and stamps with the Croatian Republic emblem

The conditions for carrying out activities


1st company or craft registered for the production of seals and stamps in the competent commercial court or trade register

  1. Conditions for safe storage of manufactured seals, stamps and dies

3rd person responsible or the person operating the seals and stamps must not be convicted of a criminal offense out of greed or because otherwise dishonorable criminal offense prosecuted ex officio, as long as the legal consequences of conviction


Required documents

There is no application form, but the party itself is compiled. With the application a copy of the court or crafts


70 HRK stamp duties (filing fee)

Account number for e-payment: no

Receiver: no

IBAN: no

Model: No

Call Number: no

The Authority and Regulations

Ministry of Interior (,

Ilica 335, 10000 Zagreb



  1. Act on the seals and stamps from Croatian coat of arms (“Official Gazette”, No. 33/95).
  1. The regulations for the application of the seals and stamps from Croatian coat of arms (“Official Gazette”, No. 93/95).
  1. Ordinance on the conditions for keeping seals and stamps made with the emblem of the Republic of Croatian (“Official Gazette”, No. 94/95).
  1. Law on the State Seal (“Official Gazette”, No. 33/95).


Permission to perform activities

Decision of the authority to perform the activity of making seals and stamps with the coat of arms of Croatia



Administrative dispute

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