Retail pyrotechnical products


– Approval for traffic explosive substances

– Proof of possession of sales area (own or rented)

– Shops must meet the following requirements:

– must be constructed of materials minimum fire resistance REI 60, and the walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows if the after-hours store explosive materials in the sales area does not stay in the warehouse of explosives or storage room

– door stores must be located so that only more open water in outer space

– stores must have a 24-hour physical or technical security

Information on responsible person who performs the sale of pyrotechnic products:

– at least 18 years of age,

– has not been convicted and has proof that no criminal proceedings are being lead against him/her

– has health capacity for handling explosive  substances

– is qualified for  handling explosive  substances or qualified for conduct of mining preparations.

– fluent in Croatian language and latin script.



There is no application form for the request



2020,00 HRK for Approval for pyrotechnic products shops

The account number of the recipient (the State budget): 10010051863000160


Model: HR64

Reference number: 5002-713-MB company or OIB


Authority and legal acts

Ministry of the Interior,

Address: street, postal number, city: Vukovarska 33, 10000 Zagreb



Explosive Substances Act (NN 178/04, 109/07, 67/08, 144/10)


Ordinance on physical, technical and safety requirements that must be met Stores pyrotechnic products (NN 141/08, 65/10)


Approval for conducting activities

The approval for shops of pyrotechnic products



Administrative dispute

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