Registering and starting a business

Your Europe

You have freedom of establishment in Croatia if you are from EU/EEA or a third country.

Establishment may be in legal form of a craft or a company, i.e. a branch office.

If you already have an establishment in any EU/EEA state, you have freedom to provide cross-border services on a temporary and occasional basis for certain service activities. In this case, registration of a business establishment in Croatia is not required.

However, it is important to check whether there are sectoral requirements to get authorizations to provide services.

You can start a business online, i.e. start a private limited company (d.o.o.), a simple private limited company (j.d.o.o.) and a craft (sole proprietorship) within one-stop shop service and without obligation of physical presence at any of the competent authorities. Stamps or notarizations are not required. Fee is reduced and paid online. Registration is finalized in few days.

e-service START

You need to possess an e-ID and to activate personal user box within the e-Citizens system.

Tell us how long it took you to start a business and share your user experience with us.

User support is always available.

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Competent authorities and regulations

Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development

Radnička 80

10000 Zagreb

+385 1 3717 111

Ministry of Justice and Administration

Ulica grada Vukovara 49

10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 3714-580

Zakon o trgovačkim društvima

(NN 111/9334/99121/99 – vjerodostojno tumačenje, 52/00 – Odluka USRH, 118/03107/07146/08137/09152/11 – pročišćeni tekst, 111/1268/13110/15 i 40/19)

Zakon o sudskom registru NN 1/9557/961/9830/9945/9954/0540/0791/1090/11,148/1393/14110/15 i 40/19)

Pravilnik o poduzimanju radnji u postupku osnivanja trgovačkih društava na daljinu (NN 65/19)

Pravilnik o načinu upisa u sudski registar (NN 121/19)

Pravilnik o obliku i sadržaju obrasca za davanje izjave o nepostojanju nepodmirenih dugovanja na osnovi poreza te doprinosa za mirovinsko, odnosno zdravstveno osiguranje kao ni dugovanja za neto plaće radnicima (NN 22/12)

Zakon o obrtu (NN 143/13, 127,19, 41/20)

Updated: 7 December 2020

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