Freedom to provide services

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If you are established in another EEA member state, you can arrange deals with customers from Croatia and fulfill these contracts directly, using your parent business.

Freedom to provide services applies to a broad segment of private market services, such as professional services, IT sector, creative industry, trade, construction, tourism, catering, real estate brokerage, private education, culture and social care services, various independent professions, as well as new business models.

For certain activities, the freedom to provide services is explicitly excluded.

Registration of a business establishment (a branch office, company, craft…) in Croatia is not required, as long as the work being done is of occasional or temporary nature and falls within the scope of service activities mentioned above.

How to distinguish between establishment and freedom to provide services?

The administrative obligations you have to fulfill are:

Tax Liabilities

Obligations Regarding Employees and Labor Conditions

Sector Related Obligations

  • Search for your activity in the Sectoral Requirements to see if there are any additional conditions to be met, or you need to notify the competent authority.
  • If your activity is not listed there, please contact us.

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