Freedom to provide services

Your Europe
If you are established in EU/EEA state, you are free to provide services on a temporary and occasional basis, without obligation of establishment in Croatia.

Therefore, you can contract jobs with clients from Croatia and perform those contracts directly, through the parent business entity.

Administrative obligations you have to fulfill are:

Sector Related Obligations

  • There may be special conditions for performing the activity, or you should simply electronically notify the competent authority. Some activities do not require any special conditions at all. To find out the specifics, search for your activity in the Sectoral Requirements to see if there are any additional conditions to be met, or you need to notify the competent authority.
  • If the relevant activity is not listed there, please contact us.

Tax Liabilities

Obligations Regarding Employees and Labor Conditions

  • Detailed information
  • Workers posted to Croatia are required to possess an A1 Certificate (it can be obtained from your home country’s Pension Insurance Authority: Your Europe > Work & Retirement). This certificate serves as a proof of regular payment of mandatory social insurance contributions in your home country.
  • For posted workers, work and stay permits are not required, but you must submit a Posting Declaration Form to the Ministry of Labor and Pension System.
  • You must abide by the Croatian regulations on minimum wage, working hours, daily and weekly rest and occupational safety.
  • Should posted workers stay in Croatia for a period longer than 3 months, it is necessary to report the temporary stay to the police department or police station according to the place of residence.

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