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Sectoral requirements for providing services vary across different sectors and professions.

In many cases there is a difference in the number of requirements for the cross-border provision of services on a temporary and occasional basis, and for providing services on a permanent basis (establishment). Recognition of the relevant professional qualifications has been provided as well.

Absence of sectoral requirements

There are no sectoral requirements for many business services (for example consulting, marketing, public relations, design, IT, accounting). It is not necessary to obtain an authorization for the provision of the mentioned services.

Presence of sectoral requirements

Sometimes, it is necessary to check and to fulfil sectoral requirements for providing services. In this regard, the submission and obtaining of documents for the most of services is provided via e-mail, while more and more e-services, available for cross-border providers, continue to develop as well. Additional information is provided below.

Currently, e-services are available for the following activities and professions:

Catalog of e-services

Information on Conditions for Activities, provided by the Competent Authorities

Professional and business services

Construction and environmental protection

Retail trade

Tourism, catering, accommodation

Private education and scientific research

Social services




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