Point of Single Contact

Point of Single Contact (PSC.HR) provides information on starting a business in Croatia – all in one place.

Do you want to create value and have one of the following questions on how to start a business in Croatia?

How to start entrepreneurial initiative easier? Use over 200 specific information free of charge.

How to establish a business in Croatia? Start your business online in one step, in few days only and with significantly lower cost.

Which sectoral requirements have to be fulfilled for specific service activities? How to send documents by e-mail, pay fees via internet banking and get business approvals faster? Which service activity license is available via e-procedure? Save at least 60% of your time, instead of searching among different institutions.

How to benefit from freedom to provide services on the EU internal market, with less barriers? How to do business in certain EU Member States?

Interested in doing business in particular EU Member States? Get an instant access to their points of single contact.

Which regulatory news does the services market liberalisation bring?

If you need additional information, contact us via free service provided by the Croatian Chamber of the Economy. You can receive the answers to your requests within 5 working days. You can also use our user guide.

We can always be better. Give us your feedback on how to improve our portal and how the entrepreneurs can get other useful information.

The Point of Single Contact has been established through the framework for the free market, which is horizontally regulated under Croatian Services Act. The PSC is also one of EU tools linked through the EU Internal Market Centre, which saves time in searching among different institutions. The Point of Single Contact is a part of the EU Single Market Strategy.

The Point of Single Contact for Services is one of seven customer assistance services through the Single Digital Gateway. It is a European project developed by all Member States in cooperation with the European Commission, through the Your Europe portal, which provides links to a range of national regulatory and administrative information for businesses and citizens.

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