Point of Single Contact

Point of Single Contact – PSC provides solution on how to start business in Croatia easier.

Point of Single Contacts are one-stop-shops offering business information on administrative obligations for easier services market access in Croatia. The Point of Single Contact offers a whole range of key links to the competent institutions. Point of Single Contact develops e-procedures for faster starting business and services market access.

Point of Single Contact – PSC is being additionally developed towards an advanced and user friendly web portal for entrepreneurs.

We are listening your feedback: Your proposals are welcome on how to make the Point of Single Contact more responsive. Our task is to make the Point of Single Contact capable of providing as much as possible answers on how to start and do business in Croatia.

Point of Single Contact – PSC provides 4 services:

  1. Information on conditions of doing business on internal market for services
  2. Active customer support
  3. E-procedures for staring business and services market access
  4. Open towards customer feedback – tell us what you need and report us barriers you face with unjustified regulations and administrative cost.

Rapid e-procedures for starting business will be developed soon


  • registering business establishment

By the end of 2017 starting a company will be more simple and available electronically, without the notary public or seal. E-service for company registration will be available by the e-Citizen system.

The e-procedure for starting a craft is already available by the e-Crafts service via e-Citizen system.

  • authorisations for providing services activities

By the end of 2017 the obtaining of authorisation for services market access in a whole range of sectors will be available electronically, without paper or stamps. That means that the e-request for obtaining authorisation (regulated by the Services Act) will be available, together with the other documents. The forms will be available together with the information on service market access.

The Point of Single Contact will link together all information and e-procedures. The e-services will be technically developed and financed by the competent authorities and linked together in the state information infrastructure system (e-Citizen system for natural persons and e-Business system for legal entities). The e-fees system is in the development process, as well as the data interoperability within various public registers. The digitalisation process will protect you right to provide the data to the whole government once-only. All duplications of data requirements are already not legally grounded.

The competent authorities will in the meantime, by March 31 2017, provide possibilities for e-mail submission of requests and all required documents for obtaining authorisations for services market access (regulated by the Services Act refers). The forms will be available together with the information on requirements for access to certain service activity. The receipt on e-payment of the fees will be also enclosed to the e-mail. On request of the service provider the competent bodies will send the approval by e-mail.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

The benefits for entrepreneurs are considerable. According to our calculation (via Standard Cost Model – SCM) the one-stop-shop for information and procedures for starting business reduce the administrative costs for business sector by minimum 70%. Less time will be required for finding the essential information on regulations and procedures for services market access.

Benefits for exporters

The benefits for exporters arise from integral information access on the EU Internal Market.

The responses to Croatian exporters how to do business in EU are provided by the EUGO network of Points of Single Contact.

Regulatory framework

The Point of Single Contact – PSC was introduced through the framework for services free market regulated by the Services Act. This way the EU Services Directive was transposed in Croatian legislation referring to the field of the right of establishment and freedom to provide services.

All activities are supported by the EU Single Market Strategy and the Digital Single Market Strategy which are aimed at stimulating the administrative burden reduction and enhancing starting business easier and digitalised market access.

The Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts has introduced the web portal Internal Market Centre, which is the one-stop-shop for access to IT contact points enhancing the exercising of the right and freedoms on the EU market. This provides for integral access to information on EU market to Croatian citizens and entrepreneurs. Therefore, it minimizes the requirements to visit various competent authorities and raises awareness and trust in Croatian institutions and the support they provide to the EU Internal Market. The coordination of the existing EU contact points and IT tools, as well as networking of Croatian institutions encourage the competitiveness of Croatian business sector and exporters and increases the transparency and exercising EU rights and freedoms in Croatia. The Point of Single Contact is on of such IT tools.

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