If you already have a registered head office in any EU/EEA state and you are providing services within the scope of sectors covered by the Services Directive you are free to provide cross border services on temporary and intermittent basis, without the obligation to register establishment in Croatia.

You always have the option to register establishment.

Companies: If you intend to do business in Croatia on permanent basis, HITRO.HR service in any of its offices offers mediation for most of procedures required for company registration. If you want to register company before registering by HITRO.HR required is authentication of articles of association in any public notary office. offers the entry of changes in the Register of Business Entities (for the existing companies).

However, by the end of 2017 starting a company will be simpler and available electronically, without the obligation to visit public notary or to put a seal.

Crafts: e-procedure for starting a craft is available via e-Crafts services through the e-Citizen system

The public notary services are not required when registering the crafts, except for the case of a joint craft business (when the partnership contract authentication by the public notary is required).

Cooperatives: A cooperative may be registered at the commercial court with a prior authentication of articles of association by a public notary.

Associations: An association may be registered at the competent county authority, i.e. the City of Zagreb.


Legal forms of business Total costs of fees (in HRK) Administrative costs estimate of establishing business (in HRK)

SCM methodology (time, hourly wages, fees, overhead expenses)

limited liability company 2,700 (current procedure)

765 (electronic procedure)

3,680 (current procedure)

1,070 (electronic procedure)

simple limited liability company 840 (current procedure)

90 (electronic procedure)

1,720 (current procedure)

265 (electronic procedure)

crafts 580 710
cooperatives Minimum 1.500 + membership investment by each member amounting to HRK 1.000 1.800 cca + 1.000
associations 305 370 cca
cottage industries or secondary occupation 100 120 cca


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