Real Estate Brokerage

FREEDOM TO PROVIDE CROSS-BORDER SERVICES: If you already have a registered head office in any EU/EEA state, you are free to provide services on occasional and temporary basis, without the obligation to register establishment at the competent authority and/or professional chamber/association, provided that you submit:


  • If this is a company or a craft, they have to be registered for provision of real estate brokerage services;
  • A fulltime employment contract with at least one licensed real estate agent has to be concluded;
  • An insurance contract in the event of liability for damage that may be caused during provision of brokerage services to the minimum insurance amount of HRK 200,000 per claim, i.e. HRK 600,000 for all claims per insurance year (insurance policies from other EU/EEA countries are also valid) has to be concluded;
  • Certificate on the minimum secondary school qualifications;
  • A proof of passing certification exam issued by the Croatian Chamber of Economy;
  • An application to be completed via e-procedure (below);
  • Proof of payment of the administrative fee (Internet banking);
  • Brokers meeting requirements for provision of real estate brokerage services have to once a year submit to the Croatian Chamber of Economy documents reconfirming fulfilment of legal requirements for provision of real estate brokerage services (articles of association or company articles, i.e. a trade license, the employment contract with a licensed real estate agent and the insurance contract with an authorised insurance company in the event of liability for damage caused during provision of brokerage services).


HRK 35 for the application

HRK 1,100 for the certification exam

Instructions for e-payment of the application fee:

Beneficiary: State budget

IBAN: HR1210010051863000160

Payment model: HR64

Payment reference number: 5002-47115-identification number of the company (OIB)

Remittance info: Administrative fee – real estate

Instructions for e-payment of the certification exam:

Beneficiary: Croatian Chamber of Economy, Rooseveltov trg 2, 10000 Zagreb

IBAN: HR1423400091100241295

Payment reference number: 05-2493730

Remittance info: Real estate exam

e-ACCESS to this service activity

  • e-SERVICE – you can submit your application and documents at one place.

Info: The confirmation of sending the application and receiving the approval will be sent on the registered e-mail address.

Useful information:

  1. It is not necessary to go to the institutions in person (procedure time is cut at least by half);
  2. No sealing obligation (no longer required for the access to the services market);
  3. No stamping obligation (attestation of online payment of the fee is accepted);
  4. The competent authority should issue the approval within 30 days of a duly filed request (if not, it shall be regarded as the administrative silence);
  5. After obtaining the approval, you may start carrying out this service activity.

Let us know how long it took. Suggest any improvements. Do you need any kind of support? Contact us at one place.

Competent authority and regulations

Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts

Ulica grada Vukovara 78, 10000 Zagreb

+385 (0) 1 6106-111

Real Estate Brokerage Act (NN 107/07, 144/12, 14/14)

Ordinance on certification exam for real estate agents (NN 56/08, 77/10, 26/17)

Ordinance on training programme for real estate agents (NN 56/08, 99/13, 115/13)

Ordinance on the Directory of Real Estate Agents (NN 56/08, 137/08)

Ordinance on the Register of Real Estate Brokers (NN 56/08)


Decision on entry of the agent into the Directory of Real Estate Agents

Decision on eligibility to provide real estate brokerage services and on entry of a company or a craft into the Register of Real Estate Brokers

Legal remedy

The decision may not be appealed, but administrative proceedings may be initiated before the Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia having territorial jurisdiction (Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka or Split), within 30 days of the decision. The High Administrative Court in Zagreb shall have jurisdiction as a Court of Audit (of second instance) over courts of first instance.

All information stem from regulations within the scope of the competent authority.

Last updated: 11 September 2019

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