Adult education


If you are established in EU/EEA country, you have freedom to provide services on temporary and occasional basis, without obligation of establishment in Croatia and without a prior check. An online declaration is sent in the mentioned case directly to the competent authority at, along with a photo or a scan of the following documents (signed, without a stamp):

  • proof of establishment in EU/EEA country; proof that there is no ban on provision of the service; proof of provision the service for at least 2 out of 10 previous years
  • proof of professional qualifications
  • information on insurance


If you are established in EU/EEA country, you as a physical or legal person have freedom to provide services on a permanent basis in Croatia, if you register an establishment in Croatia and submit the following documents, i.e. fulfil the following conditions:

  • an education program or evaluation program proposed by the institution
  • positive expert opinion of the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education
  • decision on compliance of the founding act with the law
  • data on space and equipment
  • proof of fulfillment of material and personnel conditions for the implementation of the education program or evaluation program
  • a decision on the fulfillment of the minimum technical, health and environmental requirements issued at the request of the institution by the administrative body of the county in whose jurisdiction the education affairs are.




First option: e-Service (eSubmission for request only)

Second option: (for sending photographed or scanned documents; signed, without a stamp)

Competent authority and regulations

 Ministry of Science and Education

Donje Svetice 38, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 4569 000

Adult Education Act (OG 144/21)

Ordinance on standards and norms and the manner and procedure for determining the fulfillment of conditions in adult education institutions (OG 129/08 i 52/10)


Solution to start the implementation of education programs and evaluation programs

Deadline: 30 days

Legal remedies

The Ministry decides on the request with a decision against which no appeal can be lodged, but an administrative dispute can be initiated before the locally competent administrative court.

Last updated on 8 February 2022

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