Combined freight transport


If you are established in EU/EEA country, you as a physical or legal person have freedom to provide services on a permanent basis in Croatia, if you register an establishment in Croatia.

Application form for issuing a decision exercising the right to incentives in combined freight transport is submitted in scanned form to email or to the postal address of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Directorate for Railway Infrastructure and Transport, and the following documentation is submitted:

A) Application form for issuing a decision exercising the right to incentives in combined freight transport with following information:

  • name and surname / name of the legal entity
  • VAT ID
  • Residence address / headquarters
  • Contact (telephone, mobile phone, e-mail)
  • Bank name and giro account number (IBAN)
  • Short description of what the incentive is requested for (transport of freight by rail, inland waterways or by sea or road section)
  • Data on realized transport:
  1. number of lorries, trailers, semi-trailers, with or without a towing vehicle, swap bodies or containers of 20 feet or more, or train kilometres travelled, in the case of freight transport by rail, inland waterway or sea (transport organizer or railway undertaking), or
  2. number of freight transport in the initial and / or final section when it comes to freight transport by road section and vehicle registration number (owner or user of motor vehicles and trailers)
  • the period for which the payment of the incentive is requested
  • signature

B) application form of a statement of the use of small value aid

C) documentation required by the Regulation 60/11/EEZ (as amended by the Regulation 569/2008/EZ) as follows:

  • transport document containing the following information:
  1. name and address of the sender
  2. nature and weight of freight
  3. place and date of receipt of freight for transport
  4. place at which the freight are to be delivered
  5. expeditors and other agents concerned with the carriage of freight shall, if so required by their Government or by the Commission, deliver all information relevant to the services provided and to the rates and conditions applied

D) Other transport documents proving the combined transport of freight 

Application (for sending photographed or scanned documentation; with signature and without stamp)

Competent authority and regulations 

Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

Prisavlje 14, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 3784 543

Combined Freight Transport Act (OG 120/16) – art. 1 – 10

Ordinance on incentives in combined freight transport (OG 5/18) – art. 1 – 10


Decision realizing the right to incentives in combined freight transport

Deadline: 30 days from the duly submitted request

Legal remedies

No appeal is allowed against the decision, but an administrative dispute may be initiated before the competent administrative court within 30 days from the date of delivery of the decision.


The program to incentives combined freight transport covers the period from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2022

Last updated on 13 December 2022

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