Driving school manager


If you are already established in any EU/EEA state, you are free to provide services as natural and legal persons on a permanent basis in Croatia by means of an establishment in Croatia, provided that you submit a completed Application to autoskola@mup.hr, along with the following documents (photographed or scanned): 

  • proof of completion of the study (at least a three-year university undergraduate study or a three-year professional undergraduate study of the (road or urban) traffic programme)
  • at least three years of work experience in road traffic education or training
  • valid driving instructor licence for those categories of vehicles for which driving school candidates are trained
  • fee receipt (via online banking)
  • proof of passing the exam of professional competence at a professional organisation, for a driving school manager
  • copy of an ID
  • copy of a personal identification number certificate (OIB)
  • applicant’s photo
  • copy of a valid driving licence
  • proof of Croatian language proficiency

Qualification verification 

An application for recognition of qualification is submitted to autoskola@mup.hr

  • proof of qualification of minimum C level for a driving school manager
  • knowledge test


EUR 3.98 for issuing the licence for a driving school manager

Payments are made by using online banking

IBAN: HR12 1001 0051 8630 0016 0

Model and payment reference number: HR63 7005-713-22608

Remittance info: Naknada za izdavanje dopuštenja (licencing fee)

Beneficiary: Državna riznica (Treasury)


First option: e-Service is available to EU/EEA citizens

Second option: autoskola@mup.hr (for sending photographed or scanned documents; signed, without a stamp)

Competent authority and regulations

Ministry of the Interior

Ul. Grada Vukovara 33, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 6122 111


Road Traffic Safety Act Zakon (NN 67/08, 48/10, 74/11, 80/13, 158/13, 92/14, 64/15, 108/17, 70/19, 42/20, 85/22, 114/22)

Ordinance on the training of candidates for drivers (NN 132/17, 6/18 and 102/20)

Decision on determination of the prices of permits and licenses (NN 155/22)


Licence for a driving school manager

Time limit for obtaining the licence: 30 days for the licence; 90 days in the event of qualification verification

Legal remedy

The decision may not be appealed, but an administrative dispute may be initiated before the administrative court having territorial jurisdiction, within 30 days of the decision. The administrative dispute is initiated by a complaint and the procedure is conducted thereafter. Normally, a hearing is scheduled with the complainant and the respondent. If dissatisfied with the judgement or decision, the complainant may appeal to the High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia.

Last updated on 20 October 2023

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