Forestry Engineer


The right to register in the Register of Chartered Forestry Engineer (acquiring the status of Chartered Engineer) have person which fulfils the following requirements:

  1. needs to be Croatian citizen or EU citizen
  2. needs to be business capable
  3. needs to be medically fit to perform duties
  4. graduated from the Faculty of Biotechnology in Croatia and the title of graduate or master’s degree in forestry or title of graduate or master’s degree network technology or a degree from abroad, if under special regulations recognized as equivalent foreign diplomas
  5. has three years of professional experience and passed the certification exam or doctorate in a particular vocational direction
  6. is not under investigation, meaning that there is no criminal proceedings for crimes against the Republic of Croatia, crimes against official duty and criminal offense committed for personal gain
  7. is a member of the foreign chambers of engineering on the basis of reciprocity
  8. does not perform activities incompatible with the engineering activity
  9. is worthy to perform engineering activities



Only for Croatian citizens / the Ordinance on the recognition of professional qualifications is in the making:

  1. Application Form
  2. Proof of Citizenship
  3. Diploma / certificate of professional qualification
  4. Certificate of professional examination
  5. Certificate of good conduct



Croatian citizens pay HRK 1,000



Recipient: Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Processing Engineers

IBAN: HR8824020061100463832

Model: 02

Reference number: JMBG or OIB


Competent authority and regulations

Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Processing Engineers

Prilaz Gjure Deželića 63, 10000 Zagreb

Tel.: +385 (0) 1 3765-501



Act on Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Processing Engineers (NN 22/06)


The Statute of the Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Processing Engineers (NN 136/06, 61/07)


Forests Act (NN 140/05, 82/06, 129/08, 80/10, 124/10, 25/12, 68/12, 148/13, 94/14)



Decision on registration in the Chamber (for Croatian citizens)


Legal acts

Complaint may not be appealed against the decision of the competent authority of the Chamber relating to the acquisition, suspension or termination of membership in the Chamber, but it can be initiated an administrative dispute.

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