Sectoral requirements

Sectoral requirements

After you have registered the establishment (if you want a permanent business operations), for most services it is necessary to meet certain requirements in order to get approval by the competent authority to start business. The request is to be sent directly to the competent authority depending on the desired activity.

EU Services Directive and the Services Act as a legal framework for the right of establishment and freedom to provide services guarantee you the following freedoms at the EEA internal market:

The legal framework should guarantee easy start-up conditions for businesses and the free services market.

Administrative requirements for the provision of services must be clear, unambiguous and proportionate to their purpose, without placing additional and burdensome requirements.

When obtaining authorization to perform services, on a permanent or temporary basis, the authorities shall act equally under the same terms, without any form of discrimination.

Service provider is not to be required to meet the requirements that are equivalent to or by the type and purpose comparable to requirements that have already been met in Croatia or in any other EEA Contracting State.

Competent authorities should recognize scanned and copied documents, as equal to the original ones.

Competent authorities have the approval deadline for issuing authorizations – 30 days after the complete application is submitted. If you do not receive the decision of the competent authority after this period, it means “silence of the administration”, authorisation shall be deemed to have been granted.

Numerical quotas should not be applied to approval issuing.

The approval for service providing should not be limited with respect to duration.

You have the freedom to provide multiple types of services i.e. carrying out multidisciplinary activities.

Direct or indirect discrimination and restrictive requirements relating to territory, citizenship, residence, language of service providers, ownership in the capital, shareholding, management and supervisory structure and legal form are not allowed.

Quantitative or territorial restrictions on the number of service providers depending on the population size or geographical distance are forbidden.

If you want to permanently provide services, you have the right to establish ones and you are not bound to have more than one establishment.

If you want to occasionally and temporarily provide services, and you have EU/EEA establishment or nationality, you are not required to register establishment in Croatia.

The establishment of a particular form of business office infrastructure should not be prohibited to you.

You should not be made conditional on the use of certain equipment and materials.

You should not be made conditional on the application of specific contractual agreements with consumers, which would prevent or limit the provision of services.

You are not required to possess a distinctive national identity document, other than a regular ID card or passport.

Request for initiation of administrative proceedings may be sent electronically.

Even if the application is already submitted in writing, may be exchanged by electronic form, but the procedure is suspended, i.e. it begins again.

Supporting documents may also be sent in electronic form.

The competent authorities may be communicated with electronically during the procedure.

Submissions submitted and signed electronically are equivalent to those hand-signed.

EU law in the field of establishment and freedom to provide services applies to many service activities. To some services applies only the right of establishment, which means that the service provider based in another EEA Contracting State immediately upon arrival at the Croatian market has to establish business, without freedom of cross-border provision of services (on an occasional and temporary basis ). Services which in most cases are performed by the public sector or are regulated by specific EU legislation, without the horizontal framework of the EU Services Directive, are fully exempted from the right of establishment and freedom to provide services.

information on conditions for performing specific activities, provided by the competent authorities



Chartered Civil Engineer – designing and/or expert supervision of construction works


Professional physical planning activities

Tourism, catering, accommodation


Hospitality and catering services in households

Hospitality and catering services in family farms

Agrotourism or family farming

Nautical tourism

Tourist agencies

Tourist agents

Tourist guides

Tour escorts

Tourist animators

Other services in tourism (rental of fittings and equipment for sport and recreation)

Special forms of tourism offer 

Retail trade

Retail trade

Online retail (webshop)

Retail trade in petroleum products

Retail trade in wood products

Export and import of military and non-military lethal goods, provision of services for military goods and the transfer of defence products

Professional and business services


Electrical engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Geodetic engineers

Permanent court expert witness


Permanent court interpreters

Permanent court evaluator


Private protection (the right of establishment and freedom of occasional/temporary provision of services in the EU/EEA does not apply)

Private detectives

Car drivers training

Real Estate Brokerage


Forestry Engineer

Wood Technology Engineer

Private education end scientific research

Private kindergartens

Private primary and secondary education

Private institutions of higher education

Adult education

Scientific research

Social services

Social care

Environmental protection

Recovery, checking for leakage, installation and maintenance or servicing of units and equipment that contain controlled substances or fluorinated greenhouse gases or rely on them

Centre for recovering, recycling and reclaiming controlled substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases

Professional improvement and regular training of persons engaged in the recovery, checking for leakage, installation and servicing of units and equipment that contain substances that deplete the ozone layer or fluorinated greenhouse gases or rely on them

Air quality monitoring

Monitoring of pollutant emissions from stationary sources into the air

Verification of the accuracy of the measurement system for continuous monitoring of pollutant emissions from stationary sources into the air

Measurement of quality assurance and air quality data assurance (reference laboratory)

Exclusion of an installation from emission allowance trading

The decision on emission allowances allocated free of charge

Intelectual property

Representation in the field of industrial property rights

Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights


Forest operations

Technical testing and analysis wood and wood products

Recreational fishing 

Approval for exploration of new types of explosives substances

Approval for Traffic explosives substances

Approval for preforming activities of public fireworks

Approval for time and place of performing fireworks

License for mining

Approval for activity of loud shooting

Approval for time and place for performing of loud shooting 

License for performing of fireworks

Retail pyrotechnical products

Production of explosives substances

Approval for place (location) of production and use of explosive substances

Humanitarian demining

Training citizens for proper use of firearms

Weapons repair and conversion

Arms brokering

Weapons production group B and C

Transportation of weapons and wholesale and ammunition in retail

Testing and marking of firearms

Making seals and stamps with the Croatian Republic emblem

Establishment and operation of civil range