Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trading

The operator of an existing installation and an aircraft operator that possesses a GHG emissions permit and the verifier are obliged to open an account in the Union Registry.

Required documents:

Application to open a personal holding account or a trading account

Application to open an operator holding account

Application to open an aircraft operator holding account

Application to open a verifier account

Request for user replacement, change of user details, removal and addition of new users

Application for a transaction

Request for adding an account to the trusted account list

Statement of non-conviction

Confirmation of the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of data in accounts opened in the Croatian part of the Union Registry

Fee: None

e-ACCESS to the activity service

  •  e-SERVICE single location for submitting your application and documentation for obtaining approval.

Information: You will receive a confirmation email of receipt of your request and a confirmation of the approval through email..

Useful informations:

  1. Without the need to apply in person (saving at least half the time).
  2. No obligation for stamping (no longer a requirement for accessing the service market).
  3. No obligation for revenue markers (confirmation of online payment of a fee is accepted)
  4. The competent authority is obliged to issue an approval within 30 days (from date of duly submitted documentation, after the deadline for administration reply has expired).
  5. Once the approval is obtained, performance of this service activity can begin.

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Competent authority and regulations:

Ministry of Environment and Energy

Radnička cesta 80/7, 10000 Zagreb

Phone: +385 (0) 1 48 86 840

Fax: + 385 (0)1 48 26 173

Air Protection Act (OG 130/11, 47/14, 61/17 and 118/18)

Ordinance on the manner of using the European Union Registry (OG 4/13)

Authorisation for performance of activities:

The GHG emissions permit

Legal remedy:

An appeal may not be lodged against the decision however an administrative dispute may be instituted. The legal remedy is an integral part of every decision.

All information comes from the regulations within the scope of the competent authority.

Updated: 15/10/2019

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