Pharmacy technicians


If you already have a registration or a license in an EU/EEA country, you have freedom to provide services, on occasional and temporary basis, without the obligation of licensing in Croatia.

In that case, an online declaration is sent to the competent authority via, along with a scan of the following data and documents:

  • Proof of EU/EEA citizenship
  • Attestation certifying that the holder is legally established in an EU/EEA country for the purpose of pursuing the activities
  • Evidence of no criminal convictions
  • Proof that the competent authority of the EU/EEA country of establishment has not issued a temporary or permanent ban on the provision of the service
  • Certificate of the nature and duration of the activity issued by the competent authority of the EU/EEA country of establishment based on previous professional experience
  • Proof of professional qualification
  • Liability insurance information

The submitted documents must be translated into Croatian, and only the proof of professional qualification must have a certified translation into Croatian by a court interpreter.


If you already have a registration or a license , you have the freedom to provide services on a permanent basis, by registering an establishment and delivering the following documents: 

  • Proof of professional qualification
  • Decision on recognised foreign professional qualification in the Republic of Croatia (copy)
  • Proof of citizenship — certified translation by a court interpreter
  • Marriage certificate or other certificate proving change of name and/or surname (translation)

Recognition of qualifications 

Recognition of qualifications in healthcare and education

The Ministry of Health carries out the procedure of the recognition of pharmacy technician professional qualification according to the general system:

The application for recognition of the qualification is submitted at, along with the following documents and their certified translation into Croatia by a court interpreter:

  • Proof of formal qualifications or other evidence of successful completion of formal education (professional qualification of pharmacy technician)
  • Proof of passing the professional examination when necessary

The application and documents may be submitted by mail or directly to the competent body or above email address.

  1. Evidence required by the general recognition system:
  • Proof of citizenship
    1. Copies of certificates for each grade of pharmacy technician education and certified copy of the graduation certificate (certified translation)
    2. Copy of the certificate for previously completed education
    3. Copy of the pharmacy technician vocational education programme with a page showing completed classes and practices (regular copy and uncertified translation)
    4. School certificate on completed education with classes and practices (translation)
    5. Copy of the school decision on bridging programmes (if adult education retraining has been completed) (regular copy and uncertified translation)
    6. Marriage certificate or birth certificate, if the last name has been changed
    7. Certified copy of the certificate of a completed professional exam abroad, if available

In the implementation of the above procedures, the Ministry of Health may, as the competent authority, may request the applicant to provide other evidence in accordance with Annex VII of the Directive 2005/36 EC

  • Proof of good character or reputation
  • Proof that the competent authority of the applicant’s EU/EEA country of origin did not prohibit the pursuit of the profession as a midwife in the event of a serious professional misconduct or a criminal offence (such documents may be replaced by a declaration made by the applicant before a competent judicial or administrative authority or before a notary public)
  • Proof that the applicant is insured against financial risks arising from their professional liability on the territory of the Republic of Croatia or the EU

Competent body and regulations

Ministry of Health

Ksaver 200a, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 4607 555

Health Care Act (OG 100/18 and 147/20)

Act on Regulated Professions and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications (OG 82/15, 70/19 and 47/20)

General Administrative Procedure Act (OG 47/09 and 110/21)

Ordinance on the Criteria for the Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications (OG 89/13)


Decision of the Ministry of Health on administrative application.

Upon completion of the procedure for the recognition of a foreign professional qualification carried out under the general recognition system:

Deadline for obtaining the general recognition system: within 3 months from the date of receipt of a duly completed application and may be extended by a maximum of one month if there are reasonable grounds.

Legal remedies

The solution of the Ministry of Health can be brought against an administrative dispute before the competent administrative Court in Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek or Split within 30 days of receipt of the solution. Administrative proceedings shall be initiated by a lawsuit filed with the competent administrative Court directly or by mail and may be filed with the minutes.

Date of last update: 8 December 2022

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