Professional and technical inspection of the cableway installation


If you are established in another EU/EEA country, you as a physical or legal persons have freedom to provide services on a permanent basis in Croatia, if you register an establishment in Croatia and submit the following documents, i.e. fulfil the following conditions:

A request for the authorisation of cableway installations is submitted to along with the above mentioned documents.



Application  (for sending photographed or scanned documentation; with signature and without stamp)

Competent authority and regulations: 

Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

Prisavlje 14, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 3784 543

Cabelway Act (OG 96/18)


Authorisation of cableway installations

Deadline: 30 days

Legal remedies

No appeal is allowed against the approval for the operation of the cable car, but an administrative dispute may be initiated with the Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia within thirty 30 days from the date of delivery of the approval.

Last updated on 13 March 2023

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