Professional improvement and regular training of persons engaged in the recovery, checking for leakage, installation and servicing of units and equipment that contain substances that deplete the ozone layer or fluorinated greenhouse gases or rely on them

Requirements for issuing an approval to carry out the training programme:

  1. the training programme may be carried out by universities, colleges, institutes, professional associations, companies, associations and other educational institutions that obtain the approval of the Ministry to carry out the programme
  2. a legal person employs or in any other way provides qualified persons to hold training for persons performing the activities of recovery, checking for leakage, installation and servicing of units of equipment
  3. a legal person has at its disposal appropriate space for carrying out the theoretical and practical part of the training programme
  4. has at its disposal the required technical equipment for carrying out the training programme
  5. employs personnel for keeping records and performing other professional, technical and administrative tasks
  6. the content of the training programme has to be based on up-to-date knowledge and skills of science and profession, and on the status and development of technical regulations and has to ensure the transfer of up-to-date knowledge and skills in order to train persons for effective work in the European Economic Area

Required documents:

  1. information on the applicant
  2. evidence confirming the meeting of the above indicated requirements from the Air Protection Act
  3. training programme


HRK 35 (for the application), Account IBAN HR1210010051863000160,

MODEL HR64, reference number: 5002-47053-OIB (personal identification number of the legal person)

e-ACCESS to the activity service

  • e-SERVICE single location for submitting your application and documentation for obtaining approval.

Information: You will receive a confirmation email of receipt of your request and a confirmation of the approval through email..

Useful informations:

  1. Without the need to apply in person (saving at least half the time).
  2. No obligation for stamping (no longer a requirement for accessing the service market).
  3. No obligation for revenue markers (confirmation of online payment of a fee is accepted)
  4. The competent authority is obliged to issue an approval within 30 days (from date of duly submitted documentation, after the deadline for administration reply has expired).
  5. Once the approval is obtained, performance of this service activity can begin.

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Competent authority and regulations:

Ministry of Environment and Energy

Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb

+385 (0) 1 3717-111

Air Protection Act (OG 130/11, 47/14, 61/17 and 118/18)

Ordinance on the training of persons who perform activities of collection, checking for leakage, installation and maintenance or servicing of equipment and devices that contain ozone depleting substances or fluorinated greenhouse gases or rely on them (Official Gazette No. 3/13)

Authorisation for performance of activities:

The decision whereby the approval to carry out the training programme is issued

Legal remedy:

An appeal may not be lodged against the decision however an administrative dispute may be instituted. The legal remedy is an integral part of every decision.

All information comes from the regulations within the scope of the competent authority.

Updated: 15/10/2019

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