If you already have a registered establishment in another EU/EEA country, you are free to provide services on an occasional and temporary basis, without the obligation to register your establishment in Croatia with the Croatian Psychological Chamber and to wait for prior verification.

In such case, you shall send every year e-statement directly to and send the following photographed or scanned documentation:

  • proof of citizenship
  • proof of establishment in EU/EEA country for the purpose of exercising psychological profession and it is necessary that in the moment of the issuing of the certificate a person does not have temporary or permanent prohibition to perform such profession
  • proof that an applicant has performed psychological profession at least for a year during the last ten years, in case that psychological profession has not been regulated in the country of the registered establishment
  • proof of qualification (diploma)


If you are established in EU/EEA country, you are free, as a natural or legal person, to provide services on a permanent basis, upon registration of the establishment in Croatia and delivery of the following documents: 

  • proof of citizenship
  • proof of completion of the formal education
  • additional certificate about the study and the curriculum
  • proof of professional qualification and certificate of competence
  • certificate from the origin country that confirms that it has not been forbidden to an applicant to perform profession or activities, in the moment of the issuance of the certificate
  • proof on professional experience
  • proof of the necessary knowledge of Croatian language for performing the profession (C1)
  • recognition of the qualification (EUR 92.91)
  • passed psychological professional exam (EUR 39.82)
  • membership in the professional chamber (registration fee: EUR 26.54 and EUR 96.00 annual membership fee)

Recognition of qualification 

You shall file the request for the recognition of qualification send to

  • proof of citizenship
  • proof of qualification (diploma)
  • additional certificates (diploma appendix, educational plan, and curriculum)
  • proof of completion of an internship, if it has been performed
  • proof of passed professional exam, in case such exam has been passed
  • proof on professional experience
  • proof on competences
  • for the candidates who have already acquired the qualification in a third country certificate for at least 3 years of professional experience in the member state that has acknowledged professional qualification acquired in the third country (for the candidates who have professional experience and have acquired qualification in the member state)
  • proof of membership in the foreign psychological chamber if an applicant has such membership and such chamber exists
  • other documents (marriage certificate or decision of the competent body for persons who changed their name and/or surname, etc.)


EUR 92.91 for the procedure of recognition

EUR 39.82 for the psychological professional exam

EUR 26.54 for the chamber registration fee

EUR 96.00 for the annual chamber membership fee

Payment via online banking transfer

User: Croatian Psychological Chamber

IBAN: HR1123600001101712980

Reference number: HR67 Personal Identification Number

Purpose: procedure of the recognition of the foreign professional qualification

Application (for sending photographed or scanned document, with signature and without seal)

Competent authority and regulations

Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy

Vukovarska 78, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 555 7039

Croatian Psychological Chamber

Selska cesta 90A, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 3014 001

Psychological Activity Act (OG 98/19, 18/22)

Law on Regulated Professions and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications (OG 82/15, 70/19, 47/20)

Regulation on the conditions for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications for practicing regulated profession – psychologist for the purpose of the establishment in the Republic of Croatia (OG 84/20)

Chamber’s Regulation on the procedure for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications (Chamber)


Decision on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications for practicing regulated profession psychologist

Deadline: 90 days

Legal remedies

You can file an appeal against the Chamber’s decision to Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy within 15 days of receiving the decision, photographed or scanned to the email address: or

Last updated on 16 December 2022 

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