Public service of collecting mixed municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste

Requirements for adoption and implementation of the Decision on performing the service

  1. The public service area shall be the area of the local unit of self-government. The representative body of the local self-government unit may, by means of a Decision on the manner in which the public services shall be rendered, delimit a service area at the community-level of self-government, in accordance with the act governing local and regional self-government.
  2. The public service shall be delivered by a provider of public service collection of mixed municipal waste or a provider of public service collection of biodegradable municipal waste, respectively.
  3. The representative body of the local self-government unit shall take a decision specifying the manner in which the public services shall be rendered, which shall include:
    • the criterion for calculating the amount of waste,
    • standard sizes and other relevant properties of containers for waste collection,
    • minimum frequency of waste collection per area,
    • accounting periods throughout a calendar year,
    • service area for the provision of services,
    • the provisions laid down in the regulation referred to in Article 29, paragraph 10 of the Act on Sustainable Waste Management,
    • general terms and conditions for service user contracts.
  1. The public service collection of mixed municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste may be provided in accordance with the provisions of this Act by:
  • a company founded by the local self-government unit in which it is the majority shareholder, or has a majority holding,
  • a public institution founded by the local self-government unit,
  • a legal or a natural person on the basis of a concession contract.
  1. The service provider shall:
  • meet the transport criteria for the types and the amounts of waste he collects,
  • submit the waste collected to the holder of the waste management permit,
  • bear all the costs of managing the collected waste,
  • have at his disposal the financial, human and technical resources necessary to carry out the prescribed tasks.
  1. The service provider may enter into a public service contract for the service with a legal or natural person – craftsman upon his request.
  2. The service provider performing other activities in addition to the provision of the services of collection of mixed municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste shall ensure that the income and the expenses from these activities are adequately treated in terms of accountancy and that these activities are adequately separated in terms of organization.
  3. The manager or the natural person in charge of managing the service provider shall:
  • possess the professional knowledge and skills associated with the pursuit of waste management operations and be familiar with the waste management regulations,
  • be responsible for a professional and efficient exercise of the operations in compliance with waste management regulations,
  • hold a valid certificate of training in waste management.


RNo Fee (for the application) + HRK 35 (for rejection of the application)


Account: IBAN HR1210010051863000160,


Reference number: 5002-47053-OIB (personal identification number of the legal person)

e-ACCESS to the activity service

  • e-SERVICE single location for submitting your application and documentation for obtaining approval.

Information: You will receive a confirmation email of receipt of your request and a confirmation of the approval through email..

Useful informations:

  1. Without the need to apply in person (saving at least half the time).
  2. No obligation for stamping (no longer a requirement for accessing the service market).
  3. No obligation for revenue markers (confirmation of online payment of a fee is accepted)
  4. The competent authority is obliged to issue an approval within 30 days (from date of duly submitted documentation, after the deadline for administration reply has expired).
  5. Once the approval is obtained, performance of this service activity can begin.

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Competent authority and regulations:

 Ministry of Environment and Energy

Radnička cesta 80, 10000 Zagreb

Phone: +385 (0) 1 3717-111

Act on Sustainable Waste Management (OG 94/13, 73/17 )

Regulations (waste)

Authorisation for performance of activities:

Administrative decision on the adoption of the Decision

Legal remedy:

An appeal may not be lodged against the decision, however an administrative dispute may be instituted. The legal remedy is an integral part of every decision.

All information comes from the regulations within the scope of the competent authority.

Updated: 15/10/2019

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