Railway transport


If you are established in EU/EEA country, you as a physical or legal person have freedom to provide services on a permanent basis in Croatia, if you register an establishment in Croatia.

The request for the issuance a license to perform railway transport services is submitted at promet.zeljeznice@mmpi.hr or to postal address of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, the Directorate for Railway Infrastructure and Transport, and the following documentation is submitted:

  • certificate of registered office in the Republic of Croatia and certificate of proof of registration for the activity of providing passenger and/or freight railway transport services provided that train traction is provided or certificate of registration for the activity of train traction (excerpt from the court register of the Commercial Court)
  • a request shall include the following information:
  1. full name and address
  2. telephone number, e-mail address, entity registration number (MBS) and personal identification number (OIB) / VAT ID number
  3. type of rail transport service (freight transport / passenger transport / traction only)
  • proof of financial capacity, which means that the legal entity can meet its current and future obligations under normal business conditions within a period of 12 months, by submitting data:
    1. on available working capital, including bank balance, contracted overdrafts and existing credit commitments and loans
    2. on assets and assets that are not encumbered and that are available as collateral
    3. on working capital
    4. on relevant costs relevant to the performance of the activity, including purchase costs or payments for fixed assets (vehicles, land, buildings, plant and railway vehicles)
    5. on encumbrances on property and
    6. on taxes and contributions for compulsory insurance.
  • proof that the legal entity has or will have before the activity a management structure that has the knowledge and experience necessary for safe and reliable management and supervision of activities in accordance with the license as evidenced by an overview of the management structure including a list of personsqualifications, certificates of work experience and other relevant certificates
  • proof that the legal entity within the management structure employs at least one person who has a university degree or appropriate education in accordance with special regulations governing higher education in the field of railway transport
  • an insurance policy with an insurance company of at least EUR 4 000 000 or have adequate guarantees in accordance with market conditions to cover liability in the event of an accident in accordance with national or international law, in particular with regard to passengers, luggage, cargo and mail, andthird parties in accordance with the regulations governing non-contractual obligations


promet.zeljeznice@mmpi.hr (for sending photographed or scanned documentation; with signature and without stamp)

Competent authority and regulations 

Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

Prisavlje 14, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 3784 543


Railway act (OG 32/19, 20/21, 114/22) – art. 33 to 38

Ordinance on the minimum amount of liability coverage for railway undertakings (OG 61/19) – art. 2

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/171 of 4 February 2015 concerning certain aspects of the licensing procedure for railway undertakings – art. 7


License to perform railway transport services

Deadline: 30 days from the duly submitted request

Legal remedies

No appeal is allowed against the approval, but an administrative dispute may be initiated before the competent administrative court within 30 days from the day of delivery of the decision.

Last updated on 13 December 2022

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