Real Estate Brokerage


If you are already established in any EU/EEA state, you are free to provide services as a legal or a natural person, on occasional and temporary basis, without obligation to register a company in Croatia and to pass the exam, provided that you deliver a statement to the Point of Single Contact.


If you are already established in any EU/EEA state, you are free to provide services as a natural (a craft business) or a legal person (a company) on a permanent basis by means of an establishment in Croatia for this business activity and by submitting the following:

  • e-application or filling out the form
  • full-time employment contract with at least one licensed real estate agent or another evidence on full-time employment
  • liability insurance policy (minimum insurance amount: HRK 200 000 per claim, i.e. HRK 600 000 for all claims per insurance year; insurance policies from other EU/EEA countries are also valid)
  • for the agent (natural person): certificate on the minimum secondary qualifications (decision on recognition of foreign qualification if it is acquired in another country, and issued by a competent authority of the state of establishment), or the EPC
  • for the agent (natural person): a proof of the passed certification exam or the EPC
  • notification and documents sent to the Croatian Chamber of the Economy once a year via Digital chamber (for the registered users) or at The notification needs to reconfirm fulfilment of legal requirements for provision of the service by means of the employment contract with a licensed real estate agent or another evidence on full-time employment, and insurance policy contract concluded with an insurance company.


HRK 1 100 for certification exam


First option: e-service available to EU/EEA citizens

Second option: (for sending the forms; application has to be signed by an authorised person; insurance policy has to be mutually signed; documents have to be attached properly and in a manner that they correspond to the original; document copies may be in PDF, .jpg form and similar; stamp is not obligatory, but it may be put if it is used in transactions).

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Competent authority and regulations

Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development

Ulica grada Vukovara 78, 10000 Zagreb

+385 1 6106 304

Real Estate Brokerage Act (NN 107/07144/1214/14)

Ordinance on certification exam for real estate agents (NN 56/08, 77/10, 26/17)

Ordinance on training programme for real estate agents (NN 56/08, 99/13, 115/13)

Ordinance on the Directory of Real Estate Agents (NN 56/08137/08)

Ordinance on the Register of Real Estate Brokers (NN 56/08)


Decision on entry of the agent into the Directory of Real Estate Agents

Decision on eligibility to provide real estate brokerage services and on entry of a company or a craft into the Register of Real Estate Brokers


The decision may not be appealed, but an administrative proceedings may be initiated before the Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia having territorial jurisdiction (Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split), within 30 days of the decision. The High Administrative Court in Zagreb has the jurisdiction as a Court of Audit (of second instance).


Last updated on 7 December 2021

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