Retail trade in wood products


Application for tender publication

Any owner of wood assortments (Hrvatske šume d.o.o., other beneficiaries of state forest, forest owners and other legal or natural persons) may submit an application for publication and soliciting for tender for sale of wood assortments, in accordance with the submitted approval for cutting of forest by an authorised person pursuant to forestry regulations, to the Commission (the following details in Croatian language should be indicated on the envelope: Ministarstvo gospodarstva (Ministry of the Economy) – Za povjerenstvo za provedbu javnih nadmetanja (Tender Commission), Ulica grada Vukovara 78, 10000 Zagreb).


The documentation for the sale of wood assortments through tenders has to be clear, comprehensible and unambiguous and has to include a specification of wood assortments sorted by type, quality and calculation of the value of wood assortments for the initial competition price.


Wood assortments at warehouses should be stacked, sorted, visibly marked in accordance with special regulations and prepared for sale by auction.

Open price of wood assortments is a valid price according to the price list of the company Hrvatske šume d.d. plus the costs to the place of sale.


Offer to tender

To participate in the public bidding a company/craft submits the following documents:

  • Offer on the prescribed form (published in NN 22/14)
  • an excerpt from the relevant register (register of companies for legal persons) or Certificate of Craft Register (for natural persons)
  • power of attorney, if the offer is submitted by a representative
  • a statement of assurance of appropriate payment instruments of the bidder
  • a statement which under criminal and financial responsibility, declares that legal or natural person has not been convicted in the field of forestry, customs rules or regulations governing the retail trade of wood products (NN 22/14)
  • a statement which under criminal and financial responsibility, declares that legal or natural person does not have any outstanding public contributions (published in NN 22/14) and
  • proof of a reliable warranty (10% of the initial value of the assortments for the tender).



Administrative fee of HRK 50.00 per each decision



State Budget

IBAN HR121001005-1863000160

Reference number 5002-47115-OIB


Competent authority and regulations

Ministry of the Economy

Directorate for Trade and Internal Market

Ulica grada Vukovara 78,  10000 Zagreb

Tel.: +385 (0) 1 6106-111


Retail Trade Act (NN 87/08, 116/08, 76/09, 114/11, 68/13 and 30/14)


Decree on Auction of Wood Products (NN 22/14)



The decision on the selection of the winning bid, as well as Notification of public auction shall be given by the Ministry of the Economy at the suggestion of the Committee.



Against the Decision, in the sense of Article 8, paragraph 15 of the Regulation on auction of certain wood assortments (NN 22/14) may be filed a complaint to the Minister of the Economy within 15 days of notification of the decision, to the address Ulica grada Vukovara 78, 10000 Zagreb.

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