Scientific research


  1. A licence for scientific activities will be issued to a private scientific organisation applying for the licence to perform scientific activity if in the procedure of meeting the required conditions to perform scientific activities the Agency for Science and Higher Education issues a positive accreditation recommendation to perform scientific activities.


Along with the application for issuance of the licence, an applicant has to submit the following documents:

  1. Foundation charter;
  2. Study on performing scientific activities containing a multiannual strategic programme of scientific research in the scientific field for which the licence is required;
  3. Proof of adequate premises and equipment for implementation of the strategic programme of scientific


  1. Proof of ensuring the required number of academic or teaching staff holding an adequate academic grade or with required amount of research work to earn corresponding academic grade, for the purpose of implementation of the proposed strategic programme of scientific research in accordance with Article 5 of the Ordinance;
  2. A proof that funds for the work of the scientific organisation have been ensured.


Not required

Competent authority and regulations

Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

Donje svetice 38, 10000 Zagreb

Tel.: +385 (0) 1 4569-000

Agency for Science and Higher Education

Donje svetice 38, 10000 Zagreb

Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education (NN 45/09)

Ordinance on conditions for issuing a licence for performing scientific activity, the conditions for re-accreditation of scientific organisations and content of the licence (NN 83/10)


Licence to perform the activity

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