Tourism services on agricultural farms, aquatic organism breeding sites, hunting grounds, privately owned forests and fishing tourism

  1. FREEDOM TO CROSS-BORDER PROVISION OF SERVICES: If you already have a registered place of business establishment in another EU / EEA country or the Swiss Confederation, you can provide services on an occasional or temporary basis, without the obligation to register in Croatia, provided that:

Conditions for performing the activity:

  • Registration
  • for a maximum of 50 tourists at a time
  • if active and adventure tourism activities are provided, they can be provided under the conditions prescribed by the Law for such activities



Competent authority and regulations

Ministry of Tourism

Prisavlje 14, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 6169 243

The Act on the Provision of Tourism Services (OG 130/17, 25/19, 98/19, 42/20) regulates services in the sector of tourism, the manner and conditions for the provision of such services, supervision and administrative measures



All information resulting from regulations on the scope of the competent authority.

Date of update: 06.05.2020.

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