Other services in tourism (rental of fittings and equipment for sport and recreation)


The services may be provided by legal or natural persons, i.e. companies, cooperatives, sole traders and craftsmen registered to provide other services in tourism for which they need to obtain a decision from the authority competent for provision of these tourist services.

Legal or natural persons providing services shall provide their clients with insurance coverage in the event of a misfortune. Units of local self-government shall regulate conditions and locations of providing these services by a decision.


In addition to the application, the following documents are required:

  1. A copy of decision of the Commercial Court or of the decision on entry into the Trades and Crafts Register with an excerpt of the business activity
  2. A proof on the right to use fittings and equipment
  3. Proof of the requirements of “usability” of the building (use permit and other proofs of “usability” according to the Building Act (Official Gazette, No. 153/13, 20/17)
  4. A proof on the right to use the space (concession approval)
  5. The insurance against accidents in favour of the service users


Administrative fee

  • For the requests submitted to The City of Zagreb HRK 20
  • For the decisions issued by the State Administration Offices in the County

and The City of Zagreb HRK 70

Payment of the administrative fees:

– directly to the prescribed account irrespective of the amount

  • amount up to HRK 100 can be paid also in state stamps

Information for e-payment of administrative fee:

– fill according to information stated by the competent authority to which request for issuing a decision was submitted – information for payment of the administrative fee

E-PROCEDURE for obtaining the decision approving the provision of other tourism services (rental of fittings and equipment for sport and recreation)

  • Request (application form) must be filled and signed
  • Request must be sent to the e-mail address of the competent authority, with all necessary documents and the proof of e-payment of the administrative fee –all scanned in pdf
  • If the documents are sent via e-mail, there is no obligation of sending via post or bringing the documents physically
  • Decision on performing services can be sent, at the request sent to the competent authority, via e-mail. The same decision will be sent via post afterwards. Term for rendering a decision is at the latest within 60 days, counting from the day of duly performed submission of the request (in cases when investigatory procedure is carried out – inspection)
  • catering and hospitality service can be performed after receiving the decision

Request for issuing a decision approving the provision of other tourism services (rental of fittings and equipment for sport and recreation)

e-mail for sending complete documentation: State administration offices in the counties, The City of Zagreb Office, Point of Single Contact

subject: e-request – Tourism Services in Other tourism services

Competent authority and regulations

State administration offices in counties, the City of Zagreb office according to the place where the services will be provided



A decision approving the provision of other tourism services


Decisions of the competent office may be appealed to the Ministry of Tourism

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