Tourist diving

It is intended for tourist divers for the purpose of recreation and sightseeing underwater, as follows:

  1. organized diving
  2. guided diving
  3. organizing trial dives and diving courses
  4. transportation of tourist divers to diving sites
  5. reception, storage and maintenance of tourists’ diving equipment
  6. rental of diving equipment (underwater breathing equipment, diving suit, etc.)
  7. filling pressurized tanks containing breathing gases for tourists’ needs
  8. other similar services for the needs of tourists.


If you are already established in any EU/EEA country, you are allowed the freedom to provide services on an occasional and temporary basis, without the obligation of establishment in Croatia, mandatory membership in professional body and without a prior check. The service is provided under the condition prescribed for business establishment (Second option).

The second option – FREEDOM TO ESTABLISH

If you are established in EU/EEA country, you as physical or legal person, have freedom to provide services on a permanent basis in Croatia, if you register an establishment in Croatia and submit the following documentation i.e. fulfil the following conditions:

  • prescribed by other special regulations governing the performance of underwater activities
  • for the provision of tourist diving services referred to in points 1 to 4, the service provider must:
  1. keep in proper condition the appropriate equipment for the provision of services, with a declaration of authorized manufacturers or certified according to applicable standards
  2. use the equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  3. when offering the service, indicate which personal equipment required for the safe realization of activities is expected to be provided by the user, and which by the service provider as part of the service price
  4. prior to the commencement of service provision, inform the user in writing and orally of the types of risks connected with service provision, the proper use of the equipment, risk assessment and aversion plans and procedures
  5. insure the service users against the consequences of accidents and put at their disposal information concerning the terms and conditions of policies concluded with an insurer in the Republic of Croatia or a Member State of the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation
  6. hire a person with the appropriate domestic or foreign certificate or a certificate which determines the ability and level of skill to perform the activity



Competent authority and regulations 

Ministry of Tourism and Sport

Prisavlje 14, 10 000 Zagreb

+385 1 6161 243

Act on the Provision of Services in Tourism (OG 130/17, 25/19, 98/19, 42/20 and 70/21 – consolidated text)

Ordinance on the performance of underwater activities (OG 47/99, 23/03, 28/03, 52/03, 58/03, 96/10)



Last updated on 13 November 2023

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