Train drivers


If you already have a registered business establishment in another EU/EEA country, as natural and legal persons you are enabled to provide services on a permanent basis, with the registration of a business establishment in Republic of Croatia.

The application for the issuance of a driver’s license is submitted in accordance with the guide:


EUR 14.60

Payment by Internet banking:

Recipient: AKD d.o.o., Savska cesta 31, 10000 Zagreb

IBAN: HR47 2340 0091 1000 3535 2

Call number: 3169 – 018 of the applicant

Purpose: Payment of the driver’s card

Application  (for sending photographed or scanned documentation; with signature and without stamp)

Competent authority and regulations

Agency for Railway Traffic Safety

Radnička cesta 39, 10000 Zagreb

+385 1 606 1313 543

Law on Safety and Interoperability of the Railway System, Art. 112 and 113. (Official Gazette 63/20)

Rulebook on authorization of train drivers (Official Gazette 47/22)

Regulation (EU) 36/2010 on Community models for train driving licences, complementary certificates, certified copies of complementary certificates and application forms for train driving licences, under Directive 2007/59/EC of the European Parliament and the Council


License for train drivers

Deadline: 30 days from the duly submitted request

Legal remedies

An appeal against the permit is not allowed, but an administrative dispute can be initiated in front of the competent administrative court within 30 days from the date of delivery of the decision.

Last updated on 15 March 2023

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